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I worked for the following customers


RonTronx attaches great importance to the opinion of its customers. It says something about the quality of the work delivered. After delivery I keep in regular contact to hear if everything is satisfactory and if there are any questions.In addition, I often receive positive responses. Below you can read some of these responses:

''Ron, Vielen Dank für die kompetente Zusammenarbeit bei der Optimierung von unserem Gasdurchfluss Prüfstand, sowie bei der Entwicklung und Herstellung bei unserem neun Prüfstand für Anemometer''.

Thomas Birrer

Luzern, Zwitserland

RonTronx gave technical support in upgrading the hard- and software of a gas meter test facility. After the job was finished successfully mr. Mauricio de Zan from the Instromet company send the following message:

"Dear Ron, I just received an email from Mr. Cornier from Camuzzi.

    He gave us thanks for all your support. Good job Ron! Many thanks.”

Mauricio de Zan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

"荣先生是一个非常有趣/善良/乐观的人,但是标定装置技术上非常专业,一个非常可靠的朋友,我期待着和荣先生以及 Rontronx 公司一起发展"

Lin Liang

Nanjing City, PR China

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